SOS: Oil Balancing Solid Serum First Impression

Hey loves! Today I am going to use the SOS Oil Balancing Solid Serum by Oh K! Beauty.  
🍼First the packaging that it comes in is a milk carton so cute!!!!
👄Once out of the milk carton packaging holds what looks like a big chapstick!
🤔I'm going to start by saying, this product is not only cute but also very convenient.
🖌I love how easy it is to apply it to my face and how you can actually see where the product has been
🍑It did feel thick when I massaged it into the skin so I think this needs to be a night time serum. 
🌚And it pretty much dries right after application. I know I decided to rub it in to soak into my skin, in this video, but it's not necessary. Especially if you're going to use it before going to bed! 
I definitely would recommend for you guys to try this product. Out of the many that I've tried, this one's a keeper!
See you next time lovies!

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