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10-Minute Makeup Must-Haves: Kosas Tinted Face Oil

I’m into speedy makeup at the moment, and this tinted face oil, which has a thin, somewhat runny consistency, is a minimalist’s dream come true.
Have you ever used MAC Face & Body? It feels just like that. Sorta slippery, sorta “melty.”
I dab a few drops on my face, blend it with fingers, and 30 seconds later — BOOP! — my skin’s fresh and dewy-looking, my pores look smoother, and the pigmented patches on my cheeks, along with the red areas around my nose, have disappeared. ⏰
❤️ My skin looks naturally even and juuust disguised enough — no fake-looking mannequin skin. If you’re into “skin that looks like skin,” you’ll be into it.
At first, Tone 06, the shade I wear, seems too light for my NC42 skin, but it works once I blend it in. (Weird!)
- Skip silicon-based face primers, because I don’t think they work well with this product (it’ll ball up on top).
- Proceed with caution if your skin’s excessively dry (like mine is immediately after an intense period of retinol). Watch out! — because Tinted Face Oil can emphasize flakes.
- Be mindful of this product’s limited flexibility, since it doesn’t layer well (so you can’t build it up if you’re longing for additional coverage).
😊If sheer, natural-looking skin is what you seek, that’s what you’ll find with Kosas Tinted Face Oil.

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